May 18, 2009

People Don't Eat Biscuits

People Don't Eat Biscuits, biscuits are for Dogs.....so says my niece.

We had my nieces over for a sleep over the other night, and Eric decided to make my favorite biscuits and gravy.

When asked by my niece "what are we having for breakfast?", My Husband replied "Biscuits and gravy."

She looked at him all concerned and puzzled and said "People don't eat biscuits, biscuits are for dogs."

We laughed. And then explained that yes there are dog biscuits but there are also people biscuits that are more like rolls.

People don't eat tampons either!! I know probably a shocker but little T-rex's favorite snack as of late is going into the bathroom, opening the cupboard and pulling out a wrapped tampon and chew on it. I even have a neighbor say "Umm Corrine T-Rex is eating a tampon..." Think he is missing some kind of nutrient in his diet?

May 11, 2009

Optimistic Depression

Do you think there is such a thing? Being Optimistic and depressed at the same time? Sounds like something impossible. Though I am suffering from it.

I consider myself a rather optimistic person, fairly cheerful and easy going. Maybe that is just my outside, around other people personality, because in the quiet of my room, I sit and cry feeling despair and lost. Yet see a light and know that it will all be well. But right this moment it is hard. Really hard.

My mind seems to be playing tricks on me, how is it possible to feel so stinking sad and depressed and yet at the same time feel peace and know that everything will be ok! Do I have a split personality? Am I really ill.

Many times those around who have not suffered from depression and that lovely thing of chemical imbalance will tell me and others to just shake it off, snap out of it. If that was possible don't you think I would? Who wants to just cry at the drop of a hat, or feel so down that you really can't get anything done, or things around you that you really love to do, you don't and you physically can't. It truly is an awful state, one side of you is saying you can't and don't while the other side is saying come on just do it.

I recently started talking with a therapist. The first few weeks felt productive and enlightening. I challenged myself to do things I enjoy once a day, whether it was read a book, or take a bath or go for a walk. It helps. But I can't say I am cured... it takes time. And I am not one who likes to go on the slow healing path. I want to be better t\day.

Life feels like a rollercoaster for me, taking me up really high and then dropping me off really fast. I know life is suppose to be this way. I know that through all this I will be a better person and look back at this time with fondness??? well probably not fondness, more like "wow glad that is over but look how much I grew?"

And yet at the same time I feel like I am not going to get out of this slump, the chemicals will never balance themselves out, I could never possibly produce enough endorphins to over come this. I mean how many miles can I run in one day? How many pieces of chocolate can I consume??

I am happy, yet I am sad. And yet I think it is ok...really how else would I know I am happy if I didn't ever experience the sad?

A friend yesterday on her facebook posted "I am sort of angry?" I responded to her "So does that mean you are sort of happy?" And it made me think that I don't have to feel just one emotion at a time, and that it is possible to feel a mix of them at the same time.

Life is crazy. I love my life. I do. And that is why, I work really hard to fight. It is a constant battle. One I look forward to not having to fight daily. I will get there. I will. I have to.

May 07, 2009

Blog Plug

Hey Y'all when you get a minute, I have posted some recent photos on my photo blog www.corrinescapturings.blogspot.com Let me know what you think!


May 05, 2009

Chinese Food Anyone?

Yesterday I went to the doctor...and in case you are wondering I had the lump checked about a month ago, and was scheduled for a sonogram to check it, however in the mean time I was able to pop it....guess it was a large cyst...good thing :) anyway so I went for a follow up and after which called home to see if we needed anything from the store while we I was out.

Eric said that Bee wanted Chinese food, and giggled.

I wasn't sure what was so funny about Chinese food so I asked him what the story was behind that.

While Eric, Bee and Two were sitting on the couch Bee told him "I want Chinese food for dinner."

Two looking extremely shocked, reached down, touched her bottom and said "Food for my china??"

And speaking of food, looks like we are going ahead with the restaurant, in Huntsville, Ut. Eric is up there testing the kitchen today, among other things. So if you are in Utah, either visiting or living, head up our way for some tasty Texas Style BBQ!!

We need to find a place to live, and well not sure how we are going to do it seeing we have only a few dollars to our name....oh well it will all work out!

Last night with our Chinese food we had fortune cookies and all our fortunes lead me to believe that the rocky road we have been traveling on will smooth out!

And T-Rex is doing much better thanks for asking, I mean according to his fortune he has a romantic encounter to soon happen :)

May 02, 2009

Friends, Movies and Chests

Can't beat a night filled with those right?

As the kids finished up dinner and began their crazy I am tired, read me stories, put me to bed routine, a neighbor friend came over and asked if G-Man could have a late night. Then Bee threw a fit because she wasn't going to have one too. Eric was walking around like death came over him, poor guy got what T-Rex must have had, just not as bad, meaning not having to be hospitalized. My phone rang, and it was a dear friend from Texas.

"Hey Corrine want to go see a movie."

"Ummm I don't live in Texas anymore."

"I know, we are in Utah."

"Cool, I'd love to." followed by me telling Eric that I was going and called my sister in law to see if she wanted to go with me too, she wanted too but my brother was too tired to watch the kids, so she couldn't go, but she helped me give in to Bee's woe is me I have no friends fit, and let her come spend the night.

Well I met up with my friends, actually I waited out side the Provo theater watching all the college couples cuddling and holding hands, and some awkward talking first daters, and flashed back to my single days and for a brief moment felt like an insecure single gal. But my friends showed up and we rushed to find seats together before the totally sold out opening day debut of "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past"

After insurmountable amounts of previews the movie began. And let me tell you Mathew McConoughey (not sure if that is how you spell his name) is one of my favorite pieces of eye candy and going to see one of his movies you expect at least a little flashing of his nice pecs or guns..but there really was no skin...kudos to that, but if you were to ask me if I recommended the movie, I'd have to say no, don't see it. The company was awesome, some scenes really made me laugh, coke was great but movie was um...well not so great. In my opinion.

I think many of the viewers felt the same since I would say about half of the audience got up and left the movie. I have never seen that happen before. I wonder if it was because like me they were disappointed by not seeing Matt's pecs?? Maybe or the fact that they had all spent the day at a spiritually uplifting Women's conference and this movie wasn't quite there.

Though I think I am going to go with the chest theory. But too bad those ladies didn't hang on to the end of the movie when the moral of the story kicked in along with the diet coke.

You know the lines of people in the ladies restrooms after a movie, that is usually longer than the lines at walmart at 11 o'clock at night when they decide to have an associate meeting and leave only 3 people working registers with at least 20 people in line, yeah that long of a line. Well I am guessing that since half the women left the theater, the bathroom wasn't as crowded so no lines.

So we go in to do our little after movie ritual. And I unlock my door, and start walking to the sink, and see my reflection in the mirror, stare a little, not because I am vain but because I swore I was wearing a red shirt not a white and tan shirt. As I got a little closer to the mirror, I realized that for some reason my shirt was up and over my bra, bearing all to the poor skinny gal primping herself for her date outside waiting.

I quickly pulled down my shirt with as much dignity as I could muster, covering up my lovely muffin top and my not so Mathew chest, and never mind the fact that my underwear almost reached the bottom of my bra....poor poor gal, what a sight to see, I am sure that wasn't the chest she was hoping to see, when she came to watch the movie.

I put my hands under the faucet and doubled over in laughter, luckily the sink was there to hold me, and fortunately I had just used the toilet or I would have wet my pants. I couldn't contain my laughter. Nor could the others near me. I had tears streaming down my face, and water dripping off my hands, I turned to dry them, but the gal, her friend and my friend were chuckling under the driers, so I high tailed it out of the bathroom, in a burst of laughter.

My friend walked out and said "Do you always take your shirt off to pee?"

And my only response between the laughter was..."I have no idea how I got my shirt so high..."

We didn't get to see Mathews chest but I was willing to bare mine, and no one gave me any beads.

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