May 05, 2009

Chinese Food Anyone?

Yesterday I went to the doctor...and in case you are wondering I had the lump checked about a month ago, and was scheduled for a sonogram to check it, however in the mean time I was able to pop it....guess it was a large cyst...good thing :) anyway so I went for a follow up and after which called home to see if we needed anything from the store while we I was out.

Eric said that Bee wanted Chinese food, and giggled.

I wasn't sure what was so funny about Chinese food so I asked him what the story was behind that.

While Eric, Bee and Two were sitting on the couch Bee told him "I want Chinese food for dinner."

Two looking extremely shocked, reached down, touched her bottom and said "Food for my china??"

And speaking of food, looks like we are going ahead with the restaurant, in Huntsville, Ut. Eric is up there testing the kitchen today, among other things. So if you are in Utah, either visiting or living, head up our way for some tasty Texas Style BBQ!!

We need to find a place to live, and well not sure how we are going to do it seeing we have only a few dollars to our name....oh well it will all work out!

Last night with our Chinese food we had fortune cookies and all our fortunes lead me to believe that the rocky road we have been traveling on will smooth out!

And T-Rex is doing much better thanks for asking, I mean according to his fortune he has a romantic encounter to soon happen :)


Jana said...

Glad to hear T-Rex is lots better! Hope you find a place to live soon! And you can bet we will be by for BBQ---that's one thing we miss from living in Texas!

Janine said...

Good luck with the restaurant! And we are so glad T-rex is getting better. It is so pitiful when the little ones are sick.

Tonia said...

Oh yeah, we are scheduling a trip to Huntsville.

Michelle said...


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Glad that you guys are doing good. That is funny about what Emily said. Hope that Timmy can stay well.

Andrea said...

LOL That's a great story. We may or may not be visiting Utah this summer, but if we do, we'll stop by the restaurant!

Yvonne said...

Hopefully on a trip to Utah, we'll venture over to your restaurant.

Glad to hear the lump was only a cyst.

katharine said...

we'll be coming through utah on our way to a family reunion in june. when does the restaurant open?

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