March 03, 2012

Old Map

The other day as I was trying to clean and rearrange my bedroom I broke one of our bookshelves that housed, books :) and shoes.  In my effort to get things organized, I decided I would buy a new book shelf and re purpose the boards to make shelves. Well when I arrived at the store, I found the taller shelf for just 10 more dollars, and figured that would be easier to assemble than getting thingy ma bobbies to hold the wood in shelves.

I lugged the 70 pound box into the house and with the help of my 4 year old we build the shelf.

You know how it comes with the fake wood back that you nail into the back, I planned to only but it on the bottom half, to expose the wall in the top half. Then when I moved things I found this map, of the San Juan islands...and the idea came to me, back the shelf with this map and the back thing it came with.

the map of San Juan Islands (where Eric and I went on our honeymoon)

I placed the map down and then the back thingy over it, the map is a little bigger than the area.
the naked shelf before I decided to back it.

the mapped back with no shelves.

In its spot with the shelves.

all filled in. looks better in real life, housing my sewing machine too.

a little closer look.
I really like it. Love the colors and love the look....I might take the shelf outside in the warmer weather and spray a "shellac" (no idea how to spell it) over it to make it last longer. But I am happy with it for now.  And it fit perfectly in the little corner of "dead" space in my room.


SLR said...

Cool idea with the map! We recently moved from Kuala Lumpur to Cairo and somehow the backs of my similar shelf (both of them!) got lost in the move. Now I just have to find something appropriate to cover them with and buy some plain board for support behind.

Thank you for sharing!


Old Map said...

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Shannon said...

Wow Corrine! Love it:)

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