June 15, 2010

Little blessings

On my fridge I have a magnet that reminds me every day that "everything will be okay in the end, and if its not okay, its not the end!"  Though I lay in my bed yesterday sicker than I have been in awhile, who am I kidding the last few months I have been sick, but it was one of the worst days, and all I could do was lay there and pray that I could just feel better.  I wonder if I've reached my end.

I lay in bed listening to my children laughing, as they jumped on the tramp and chased each other through the long grass of the backyard.  I smiled when Two kept coming in checking on me to see if I was ok.  G-man took charge and made sure to watch his siblings. He even apologized as he cleaned up the splattered watermelon that T-Rex decided to paint with on the kitchen floor. Two came in often, just lay next to me with books in had to  read. And though my head was spinning, and reading wasn't easy, I realized this moment won't last forever, and she won't be crawling in my bed to read to her.

I look around my house this morning, wondering how the house that was totally clean Sunday night, has exploded in mass nastiness, kind of like when you've eaten too much and you unzip your pants and your belly just comes falling out....Some how my house unzipped its nice clean pants and now lets her belly hang out.  I don't have the energy to clean.

Maybe I need some more down time to heal, but then I wake up each day to the daily grind of motherhood. So many things as a mother I should be doing.  Or maybe as a housedweller I need to do, like mop, and fold the three basket of clean laundry, find the matching socks, wash walls, and blinds.....the list goes on....But then there is the mother of me, that just wants to enjoy my little miracles, my little blessings in my life.  Read a little more, laugh a little harder, and worry less about the mess....someday it will be cleaned up right??

The kids have decided that this morning they needed to take care of themselves, making bacon, frying eggs and now making chocolate banana milkshakes.  Ohh yum, they just brought me one. 

Together we will clean, or maybe we will hang in our pjs....I do have to go to work too...I'm lacking all kinds of energy and hope this staff infection finds its way out soon. 

Life is a blessing, and today I choose to live it....even if its in bed, under the covers! :)

June 08, 2010


As I sit here, eating some smoked redpepper creamcheesed stuffed chicken breast, I am amazed at my husband's amazing ability to come up with and create awesome food.  I can always look in the pantry and fridge and say "there is nothing to eat" and twenty minutes later he can whip up a five course meal...and I wonder "did he sneak off to the store?"  But no he is awesome like that.  Over at Texas Pride they do catering as well as the restaurant stuff, and they have a big event in August....and Eric is planning the menu...which means I get to sit here a little before seven am trying out some of his stuff....and man this stuffed chicken is awesome!  He also informed me of the lime shrimp he made, that they all ate last night....  but anyway if you are looking for some tasty catering this summer give them a call!  or visit http://www.texaspridebarbecue.com/  

Anyway I am amazed at my children too, and how quickly they are growing and changing. Yesterday the boys and I were dying sick....well probably not dying sick but really sick. G-Man needed less mothering and we more hung out commiserating with each other. Then this morning he walked up to me, gave me a big hug and asked me if I was feeling any better today.  Its nice to know that he is aware of the world around him, and especially his mom :). 

Im amazed at the fact that even though the last year the restaurant has been open, we haven't brought a cent home, and any money we seem to find goes there rather than home,  and some how we are surviving.  I am not sure how really other than the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father watching out for us.

I just switched jobs, in hopes that I'd be able to spend more time with my children and family.  And feel more scattered and busy.  And discovered that my kids hours spent at the center with me will be deducted from my pay, which if you calculate, I will be paying to work.  Got to figure this one out. Unemployment benefits ended this week too....but like everything in life, a door closes and another ones opens right? thats the amazing thing about life. 

And I amazed at how exhausted I am at this point in life. But somehow am able to get up everyday, most days, and get things done.  Yet am amazed at how much laundry my kids produce and how I find it almost impossible to keep up with, who am I kidding, I can't keep up with it....the mounds are overtaking my life.

Eric recently was contacted by his former employer to do contract work for them this fall for the elections in Maui....that's right Maui.  He will be flying back and forth for three and a half months.  I really want to find a way to take the whole family this time, but its not going to happen.  I'd be amazed if it could work.  Eric will be doing a lot of traveling and I will be doing even more of the single mom thing, but in the end it will work out best for us not to join him.  Two got into all day kindergarten and I feel she really needs that, and even though it would be a few months, I just don't think my kids can handle another move and move again.  Too bad the three months weren't June, July, August!

I am also amazed at how much mroe food we go throughnow that the ids aren't in school...man what are the teen years going to bring? 

And I am amazed at how whiny I sound!  sorry I don't like to whine.....or maybe I do?  Maybe I am in denial....of my whininess.....

I am just amazed at where I woke up today in life.  

Glad the sun is shining! Glad my kids are healthy!  And just glad I can see out of one eye.  Hopefully the other will cooperate soon. 

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