April 28, 2009

T-Rex at it again!

Little T-Rex, my 22 month old has been hospitalized. You may be thinking to yourself, deja vu? Yes the little guy went a month ago for two days and well he did his fancy hold his breathe, struggling to breath thing again.

He really scared me tonight. He started coughing Sunday night and couldn't sleep. We put him in our bed. Then last night he coughed and cried after being a sleep for a bit, and he joined us again. My sweet Two woke up crying so I went and fell asleep with her, to only be awoken by the most horrific coughing choking fit. It was a muffled not good sound, so I rushed to the bathroom.

I looked at Eric, who had brought T to the bathroom, because he was vomiting/coughing/choking. He set him down on the floor for a minute, and T-Rex just collapsed, and I could see his skin being sucked between his ribs as he tried to breath. I teetered between calling 911 and throwing him in the car.

We decided to just take him. Eric is there with T-Rex and who knows how long we will stay this time. He arrived at the hospital and his oxygen level was 79, had a fever, full lungs(pneumonia again) and to top it off---an ear infection.

Again I am home, not able to sleep, and too early to really call anyone.

April 21, 2009

Picking My Brain

Picking my brain and getting information about my personal feelings and thoughts can be very painful and as easy as turning a piece of coal into a diamond by squeezing it in my fist.

Life has been crazy and so many things have been floating around in my brain, and begun getting clogged up there....so much so that I haven't even been able to write much, which is usually my mental laxative.

so this entry may be long, it may be short and it may remind you of a terrible stomach ache after eating a seven day old hot dog from the convenient store...but none the less I am sitting here picking my brain, hoping to not make it bleed, like when picking a scab because I think most of my thoughts and brain activity have scabbed over the past little while.

----I totally didn't post and didn't mean to not post, but my little baby, my first born just turned 8!! G-Man is such a wonderful, sweet, caring, active, funny, social guy. He surely has blessed my life, keeps me on my toes and always willing to challenge my ability to parent. The poor kid has moved quite a bit in the last little while, and has fared fairly well and made some great friends. He had a wonderful Lego birthday party with eight of his eight year old friends. He even spent the weekend with his eight year old "twin" cousin (born a few days a part) and they had a blast building Lego projects one after the other.

AND the two of them will be baptized this Saturday...I can't believe my little G-Man is going to get baptized. He is so excited and ready for it. I wish all our family and friends could be there to share this special day with him.

----Maybe I haven't mentioned it but Eric and his best friend Greg are opening up a restaurant in Huntsville, UTAH...they found an awesome BBQ restaurant, with all the fixings that they pretty much can just open and run. They both have wanted to do this since forever and well things just keep falling into that direction. I AM SCARED and EXCITED all rolled up in one.

I think it is going to be a huge stress but will for sure be something that at least Eric really enjoys. And I am always up for party planning and stuff. But am not sure how it is going to work. We are on our last few dollars and well it SCARES me....I have no idea where we are going to live, and how we are going to live. I do know that the Lord seems to keep blessing us, and well I figure as long as we are doing what is right he will continue to bless us...and it just feels so right but yet I just can't see the whole picture....and worry if I am emotionally stable right now to handle the challenge a head of us....I have to be right?

----We need a car so bad....our car right now is wonderful and so glad that we have it, but every time I drive it and see a cop I pray he won't pull us over, besides the fact that it is still registered in Hawaii, I don't think we have our kids legally buckled....they all have a seat belt but one has to sit squeezed in the front and well anyway, its cramped and I know it can't be the safest thing for a family of six. But what can I do, we don't have any money to buy one...Anyone have a cheap reliable family van of sorts?

---I am tired....I am happy...I have hope....and I know things will work out. I just am not sure how well I will fair on the ride right now...

Anyone know of anyone renting in the Ogden area??? We need to find a place to live soon....Argh...sorry about this post you probably are glad I haven't written for awhile.....

Oh ok one last thing today while we were driving in the car, Two after coughing said "Coughing and farting is funny." followed by a cough and toot at the same time.

"Did you toot and cough at the same time?"

"yeah it is funny." followed by her trying to force the combination again.

It just made me laugh...I laughed really hard, I think I am tired, or maybe it was the way she said it...but anyway.......

April 08, 2009

Who would have thought??

This morning our toilet backed up....I was informed by my seven year old, soon to be eight in a few days, who yelled from the bathroom "the toilet is about to throw up water everywhere, pooh is going to get on the floor!"

I ran in and sure enough he was right, luckily none of the insides exploded on to the floor.

I packed the little three in to the car and headed out on a mission to find a plunger. Who would of thought it would be so hard...I mean I swear the last time I was at the store I saw one sitting right next to the toilet cleaning wand...but not today!

My first attempt was our local grocery store, where I swear I saw it before....I looked up and down the aisles...some how filling my cart with other things that I really didn't need, like the doughnut holes that were calling my name....or the large fresh strawberries that jumped into my cart, I swear I ate breakfast before I left.

Anyway $40 later, I was out the door. I called home to let Eric know I failed on my trip but got some groceries and asked him to call our upstairs neighbors to see if he could borrow their plunger, as we have had to borrow it before. He was not willing to do it. And told me on my way home before coming in to go ask her, since I would be outside anyway.

I got a little irritated and instead of coming home and borrowing the neighbors I set out on a mission, in hopes of finding one and to let Eric suffer holding his morning need to use the toilet.

I didn't go too far, but was driving really slow looking at all the stores, wondering if they carried a plunger...

scrapbook store--Probably not....

Reams cowboy gear...Um no they probably don't even use a toilet :).....

party gift shop...usually plungers aren't on the list of birthday gifts, would shoving hellium balloons down the toilet help???

another grocery store---not worth taking my kids out of the car to check....

AHHHHHHH Standard PLUMBING supply!!

Totally...Totally a plumbing store! They have to have a plunger Right?????


I walked in and looked around at all the pipes and gadgets and finally asked Noah the man at the counter, "Where are your plungers?"

"Oh we don't carry plungers believe it or not..."

"Really??" See I thought he was kidding...wouldn't you?? I mean Standard PLUMBING supply store??? What plumber doesn't need a plunger???

"Yeah we don't carry them, sorry."

"Ok thanks..."

I walked out a little dumbfounded....and determined to go find one.

Bee, as we drove away, said "that's crazy that a plumbing store doesn't have a plunger!"

"i know its like an ice cream store not having ice cream!"

"Yeah that is crazy totally like a grocery store not having food"

"Or a shoe store not having shoes!"

"Yeah that is CRAZY" and the game went on forever and she then said "I bet Home Depot has it"

"I bet you are right....."

And well we came upon a LOWEs and low and behold the plunger!! Yeah for me, mission accomplished.....and when I got home, I even was able to successfully unplug the toilet!

Moral of the story.....you can't judge a store by its name!

April 07, 2009


Have you ever seen others talents and been like "WOW" that is so awesome, and you are not jealous just really admiring and think "I'd love to be able to do that?" Well my friend Jana is one of those gals a totally talented Quilter!! and she posted a quilt she just finished and I think y'all should go see it. Any way check her out over at http://quiltingallday.blogspot.com/

And I think I found a new hobby I really want to take up. Wish Jana lived closer to teach me :)

What are some of your hobbies and talents???

April 02, 2009


blog hopping I used to do,

go here,

click there

and leave a comment,

all in hopes the favor would be returned, and my numbers would grow.

daily laughs, i seemed to post, about my little crew,

but as of late, the laughs seem to be too few, fewer than my posts, and fewer than my blog visits.

are the laughs gone, or has my sense of humor flown south for the winter???

I don't know... i just can't say....

I don't even get on the computer every day!

shocker for me

a lady who checked things hummmm like hummmmm three times an hour......

but life has a way of reminding me, that there is a smile around each corner

little Two...when scratching my back the other day responded, when I asked her how she learned to scratch a back so well, ...."I am a Child of God thats how!"

and I over heard the neighbor girl, boasting to her friend...that my little G-Man was the man she one day would wed.

T-Rex not quite two, points to his bum, runs to the toilet and says "pooh" and up on the pot he goes....he goes! Though his little bum is so little I can't find underpants to fit him.....

sitting on the bed tonight with my little family, as I tried to get them all to bed, Two walked up and farted on her dads head.....I laughed....and G-Man said...."I don't get it, how can you go from being so 'mad' to laughing so hard, I don't get it...." yeah I don't get it either but it really made me laugh.

and its late and i need to sleep and this post is reflecting my tired mind....

i need to go and be alert to help out in the classroom tomorrow, the teacher pulled me aside today and told me how wonderful i have been and how she appreciates all that i have done so far. it made me feel good. it made me feel important.

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