April 08, 2009

Who would have thought??

This morning our toilet backed up....I was informed by my seven year old, soon to be eight in a few days, who yelled from the bathroom "the toilet is about to throw up water everywhere, pooh is going to get on the floor!"

I ran in and sure enough he was right, luckily none of the insides exploded on to the floor.

I packed the little three in to the car and headed out on a mission to find a plunger. Who would of thought it would be so hard...I mean I swear the last time I was at the store I saw one sitting right next to the toilet cleaning wand...but not today!

My first attempt was our local grocery store, where I swear I saw it before....I looked up and down the aisles...some how filling my cart with other things that I really didn't need, like the doughnut holes that were calling my name....or the large fresh strawberries that jumped into my cart, I swear I ate breakfast before I left.

Anyway $40 later, I was out the door. I called home to let Eric know I failed on my trip but got some groceries and asked him to call our upstairs neighbors to see if he could borrow their plunger, as we have had to borrow it before. He was not willing to do it. And told me on my way home before coming in to go ask her, since I would be outside anyway.

I got a little irritated and instead of coming home and borrowing the neighbors I set out on a mission, in hopes of finding one and to let Eric suffer holding his morning need to use the toilet.

I didn't go too far, but was driving really slow looking at all the stores, wondering if they carried a plunger...

scrapbook store--Probably not....

Reams cowboy gear...Um no they probably don't even use a toilet :).....

party gift shop...usually plungers aren't on the list of birthday gifts, would shoving hellium balloons down the toilet help???

another grocery store---not worth taking my kids out of the car to check....

AHHHHHHH Standard PLUMBING supply!!

Totally...Totally a plumbing store! They have to have a plunger Right?????


I walked in and looked around at all the pipes and gadgets and finally asked Noah the man at the counter, "Where are your plungers?"

"Oh we don't carry plungers believe it or not..."

"Really??" See I thought he was kidding...wouldn't you?? I mean Standard PLUMBING supply store??? What plumber doesn't need a plunger???

"Yeah we don't carry them, sorry."

"Ok thanks..."

I walked out a little dumbfounded....and determined to go find one.

Bee, as we drove away, said "that's crazy that a plumbing store doesn't have a plunger!"

"i know its like an ice cream store not having ice cream!"

"Yeah that is crazy totally like a grocery store not having food"

"Or a shoe store not having shoes!"

"Yeah that is CRAZY" and the game went on forever and she then said "I bet Home Depot has it"

"I bet you are right....."

And well we came upon a LOWEs and low and behold the plunger!! Yeah for me, mission accomplished.....and when I got home, I even was able to successfully unplug the toilet!

Moral of the story.....you can't judge a store by its name!


Charly said...

Haha...funny post. Glad mission was accomplished! FYI...if ever needed again, CVS has them too. I just bought one a couple of weeks ago there for a Girls Camp "prize" (to the ward who does the best job cleaning bathrooms)...anyway...

Abby said...

Oh no! I'm glad your mission was completed. It's never fun to have plumbing problems. I once lived in an apartment that had a toilet that needed daily plunging. Good thing we didn't have kids then!

He And Me + 3 said...

Wow that was an adventure for sure. Thank God for Lowes!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

hehe.. funny story. Lowe's has a bit of everything I swear. I love that store and menards too. They are my favorites. Go figure.

Helene said...

That was a fun story...though I'm sure it wasn't fun for you at the time. I have to say, everytime I read your blog, I think how blessed your children are to have such a cool, laid-back, fun mom!!

And yeah I'd assume that a plumbing store would sell plungers....very wierd. I wonder if they'll start carrying them NOW. You're probably like the 56th customer to come in and look for one.

BTW, I love your new header. Am I seeing things or did one of your kids fall over??

pecas said...

good for you and your success! I love your story I hope things are going well!

Tonya said...

It boggles the mind that they didn't have a plunger. Who knew it was so tought to get one. Glad you found one before things got really ugly.

Yvonne said...

So glad you finally found one. It sounds like you are having SO MUCH FUN.

Nancy Face said...

That was so entertaining! It just jogged my memory...my son used to create original comics about characters he named Sewer Man and Plunger Boy! :D

Jeff and Anna too! said...

haha that must have been a blast for Eric! Why is it so hard for husbands to ask neighbors for stuff? I think my husband would die before he ever did.

Hooray for Lowes!

Tonia said...

You crack me up. Walmart carries them!

Sunnie said...

You didn't have a plunger?

The Emery's said...

Unbelievable! That's like a donut store not having donuts!!

katharine said...

its been a while since you've posted, how are you doing?

SweetmamaK said...

I'm glad you have been able to find work. I love reading your blog you are a great inspiration. I believe in the power of Lowes, you can get pretty much anything there, even some food items! Did your husband ever check in with Siemens- to see if they had an opening for him? They are one of the few companies I know of that are still hiring! Blessings to you and your family

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