June 11, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers...

At least that is how the saying goes right? I really feel like that is true for my life, though it would have to go more like January and February storms and March and Aprils showers bring forth May Flowers...or something like that.

The last few months have been busy, hectic and a little tumultuous to say the least, with moving several times, several hospital incidents, job insecurity, financial instability, emotional down turns, yeah I'd say it was pretty stormy in my life lately. I know some have had it and have it worse than I do, and I am grateful for all that I have, but it still doesn't make the last few months easy on me.

However during these past few months, where I think I lay hidden in shelter from the storms, not even venturing out much to check email or blog, many wonderful flowers have sprung from my experiences, or rather during my experiences.

And because it is almost two in the morning I won't write much but will share some fun pictures that showcase the flowers of my new season of life....does that make sense?? I am tired so with out further adieu....ok not sure that is a correct phrase either......man I am tired...so my few months in photos!! About time!!
G-Man turned 8! What a major mile stone for him. He was baptized, and we are so proud of the boy he has become. He also started scouting and took second place in his first pinewood derby, and he made his car all by himself. Such a great kid!!!

Two, who I think just really needs a new nickname turned four!! I can't believe she is four years old. We love having her and she has the biggest smile that warms up any room she is in. She also today had a bad accident, milk that had been in the microwave for 2.37 minutes spilled all down the front of her. She has a few blisters and a red streak from chin to bottom of naval but is doing well for the most part, thank HEAVENS!!!

Bee our little Beauty has graduated from Kindergarten!!! It is so hard to believe that she will be going into first grade. Where does the time go?!!!

We moved!!! After living in,what has it been, four places since December, we are finally settled in a cute little bungalow close to the restaurant. It was like Christmas opening all our boxes and such that have been in storage for over a year!

T-Rex despite several hopsital stays and what turns out to be not so great lungs has lived to turn Two on Friday, I find that to just be an amazing blessing and miracle considering how active the little guy is...isn't he just the cutest?!

Eric and his Best Friend Greg are realizing their dream and opening up their own BBQ restaurant in Huntsville, Utah, come out and visit us! Starting tomorrow...umm today they will be open! We are so excited and nervous all at the same time.


Tonia said...

So glad to see you blogging! I am so excited for your restaurant and we have made it a priority to go eat some good BBQ when we are up in Utah (3 weeks!). I can't believe Bee is going into first grade. Why am I amazed at other kids getting older when mine do the same thing? Wishing you the best!

The Thorley Family said...

Congratulations on the restaurant opening.. and the new house! We're praying things will start to look up for you guys in the next little while. Your kids are gorgeous by the way - I can't believe how big T-rex has gotten!

Here Forward said...

Congratulations and good luck! Now you never have to cook again right??!! I understand all the craziness that life throws at you...just focus on today...and keep in mind where you are going...((hugs))

Yvonne said...

I hope the new restaurant is a HUGE SUCCESS.

I am so glad you are focusing on all the flowers--and you have had some beautiful ones, my friend.

He And Me + 3 said...

Lots has been going on. so glad you posted to catch us up. Good luck on the grand opening.

Shannon and Brad said...

Hi Corrine! I have been thinking about you alot lately and I don't even know why. It sounds like your life has been anything but peaceful these days. I really want to come visit you this summer. What is your phone number? Here's my email so you can send it to me:

Jeff and Anna too! said...

K-I'm totally excited about your Texas BBQ. I'm going to come and check it out in August and make sure it's up to Texas standards.

pecas said...

You areback!I am so glad for you and for me! I am so excited for all these grate things tat are happening in your life. all the luck with the restaurant we wish you the best!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Your house looks really cute, we will have to come and check it out. We are planning on coming up next Sat for the big day.

Sheri said...

It sure has been eventful!!

Nancy Face said...

These flowers are beautiful and precious! Love your adorable house! :)

SweetmamaK said...

I'm glad things are turning the corner for you! Blessing on the new business!

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