July 22, 2010

Oh July....July.....

how did you sneak up on me...wasn't it just May....Kids in school...me cleaning toilets at the hospital, now a director of a child care center and working more than the 20 hours I thought I'd be working......and now its July, and not just hello "happy 4th of July" People July, but holy Hannah...July is almost over July. And too busy working too really enjoy my summer home with the kids...not that lately I have been in the "I'm a nice fun mom mood..." And.... As much as I have "loved" 2010, not sure why it has to go by so miserably fast..did i say miserably?  it hasn't been all miserable.  Really.  It hasn't.  Just been long and short all at the same time.

T-Rex is THREE!!! How did that happen..my little baby is three.  He is becoming such a boy, and reminds me of that often when I comment "oh I love my little baby"..and he replies "i not a baby, i a big boy!"  And he is. And lately is favorite thing to say as we drive is "slug bug!", nothing like older siblings to teach the finer things in life, like slugging someone each time you see a car.   But my favorite little T-Rexism is "oh no, ebrybudy, a powleece man...sit still, put seat belt on, hurry. Hurry, powleece. Gonna get you if no seat belt."  Not sure I can blame the siblings on that one.  But if you need a radar detector he's your man.  (disclaimer my kids are always wearing their seat belts T just double checks and alerts them of possibility of the police catching them or something :)

Hope you aren't too hot this summer....we aren't doing too bad, though Bee came up with a great idea today..."We should keep our windows open all winter long so that when the summer heat comes, the house will be really cold!"   If only!  And maybe it would work the other way around, maybe we could bottle up some of this summer heat to keep the house warm this winter? She might be onto something.

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