May 15, 2012

I know, I know, you have missed me right? Oh probably not but it feels good to say that. And since it has been forever and a half since I have really written not sure what to even post about. How about some high lights, those are always fun...

G-man, turned 11 while we were on vacation in Seattle for spring break. What a beautiful drive it was. And surprisingly not too bad of a drive either. My niece Kate came with us helping manage the cheese whiz cracker spraying and passing as well as keeping me company. We had a blast visiting my sister Aly and her wonderful kids. (trying to find the pictures and can't seem to be able to...)

I am now serving in the primary presidency and that has its fun days and its crazy days as well. I am often surprised at some people's willingness to help as well as some people's lack of caring...

T-rex is graduating from preschool...where did the time go.

Two is doing really well in school and am just amazed at how well she can read.

Bee is having a great time in school and making some great friends. She is turning into a great helper.

Loving our "new" house but as I look around today I feel like I need to finish unpacking and decorating and moving in...I went so gung ho the first month and I don't think I have done much since...Oh well...such is life right.

Sad as it is I can't think of much else that is happening..Oh G and B started swim camp last night and they had a great time. They are pretty amazing little swimmers and I hope they both make the team for summer.

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